Month: April 2007

  • Scam emails in response to a craigslist ad

    So I got this scam email in response to a craigslist ad. These people are do dumb. I normally don’t lead people on but this one I feel like doing. 😉

  • Modesty Survey

    This is a rather interesting survey that was done just recently about modesty and what guys think of it all.

  • Biggest Annoyance

    Biggest annoyance… losing your post! 🙁 Second, scroll wheel doesn’t work again. Third, not getting enough work done today.

  • Article about the ODP

    I was doing a bit of searching for my internet name and found this interesting article from sometime way back.

  • Journal

    Sometimes I wonder if I should put these in my journal or not. But I figure if the internet loses all this information I probably won’t need it anyway at that point so what’s the point. I’ll keep my journal for my personal thoughts then I guess.

  • What are we pursuing?

    There were 2 million people that were supposed to be going to the promised land wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years. During that time what were they really doing? Did they have goals? Were the getting more things or were they just walking around having a camping trip? I wonder. In some ways…

  • Easter AV Fun

    Years ago I used to run the sound and screen all at the same time every once in awhile. About 6 months ago I ran it on a Sunday night all by myself and it wasn’t too bad. So I was kind of thinking… this shouldn’t be too hard… but I kind of forgot that…

  • Busy Sound Booth

    I was walking into church this morning (a bit late) and thinking to myself… why are so many people here and why are so many people here that aren’t usually here… and then it hit me… oh yeah it’s Easter… Easter.. what?! I’m the only guy going to be in the sound booth so far,…

  • Scroll wheel works now

    Ok, so for 2 weeks I have put up with that scroll wheel not working. I then post about it on here, didn’t update anything, didn’t change anything, haven’t even tried to figure out what is wrong for the last week or so and now it’s working just fine. Strange! I didn’t change a thing!…

  • Scroll wheel won’t work – Belkin mouse

    Current frustration: Mouse wheel won’t work in all applications.Notepad: not at allOutlook: only wants to scroll up even if scrolling down. Once you are back at the top of the page nothing happens. Vista with a Belkin wireless mouse.