Busy Sound Booth

I was walking into church this morning (a bit late) and thinking to myself… why are so many people here and why are so many people here that aren’t usually here… and then it hit me… oh yeah it’s Easter… Easter.. what?! I’m the only guy going to be in the sound booth so far, unless I find someone (Chris was teaching Sunday school, Mark is in Japan, Austin’s at camp), so I’m thinking oh boy… this could get interesting. So then I get thrown a ton of things to do before service starts… it was crazy…

I ended up getting two young guys that we’ve been training some but the one has never been on FOH (audio mixer) and the other boy didn’t have much training at all… but amazingly between the two of them and me doing computer and helping them out we had good sound, every song special had mics for the singers (didn’t happen like that on Wednesday night) and I had all the scriptures and quotes ready in time to use them… I don’t think I’ve been giving a larger stack of scriptures and quotes then I did this morning. And Austin not being here he does a ton of things… like setting up the camera, making the copies of the prayer lists and all… it was rather crazy.

So that was my morning






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