Month: April 2007

  • Tempature

    Looking at the temperature gadget showed that it was 59 degrees outside and raining… heh… don’t think so… I guess I should reset it from Redmond, WA. Must have been a Microsoft thing.

  • It works!

    I don’t have to log in. Now to see if it logs me out of Google Personalized home. 🙂 I came here to say though that ‘Basica’ would be a neat name for a girl… Heh

  • They got tired

    Heh… what a website! Must have taken awhile to design or they got tired.

  • Digg / News, Blogger and Google Personal Home Page

    Some more frustrations: Why doesn’t Digg keep me logged in? I’m sure it’s something on my end. And why do I have to keep signing in to Blogger and then when I go back to Google it wants’ my user/pass to login again?

  • PGP

    Current frustration… Can’t figure out why/how to set up PGP to work like it did on my old computer. And why did it have to be so hard to figure out that really the version that supposedly costs you money is the one you want because the trial only part of it works just fine…

  • CoLab

    What is CoLab? CoLab’s vision is to facilitate collaboration with individuals around the world. We are going to do something about it (not just talk)! We are particularly interested in pioneering the area’s of business, government and crime. And most of all we want to keep it simple. A lot of people are talking about…

  • Amazing man with a amazing ministry

    Brother Kent Hovind is quite a man with quite a testimony! Check it out!

  • Inspired

    I’m inspired at the moment. Maybe it was devotions. Or maybe it was because God is working in my life. Either way I want to give God the glory for the great things he has done! God will make a way, God cares and God is in control! He’ll make a way somehow! He’ll lead…

  • Consistency

    I should be more consistent either here, on xanga or in my journal. But I’m not… so…

  • Wikipedia tool

    Ok, this is so far the best little tool that I’ve found for what I do with Wikipedia! This was such a nightmare before…