What is CoLab?

CoLab’s vision is to facilitate collaboration with individuals around the world. We are going to do something about it (not just talk)! We are particularly interested in pioneering the area’s of business, government and crime. And most of all we want to keep it simple. A lot of people are talking about ways to collaborate but when it comes down to the masses there aren’t many ideas affecting us. We want to take these concepts and bring them down to earth in ways we all can benefit to the fullest.


Because it’s time! Look at
Wikipedia, craigslist, eBay, Linux, Open Office, DARPA Grand Challenge, Procter & Gamble, MIT OpenCourseWare, InnoCentive, Paint.NET, Joomla and Goldcorp. What we see in today’s world are trends that are reshaping how we do business, learn, live, work and play? It’s all coming to the point of collaborating and working together to create something of more value.






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