Camera’s at intersections around Pima County???

So I’m wondering what these are? They started appearing around the northwest side of town in Pima County about a year ago. There is only one at each intersection. I’m assuming they are cameras… but what for?

This is at Romero and Wetmore.

This is at Romero and Ruthrauff.

This is at Wetmore and Flowing Wells.

This is at La Canada (/Flowing Wells) and River (notice how the set of antennas are on a different poll as the “device”).

These aren’t to be confused with…

What I believe is the device that changes the light for emergency vehicles (and the obvious strobe light).

What I believe is a camera/device that senses when traffic is at the intersection so it can change the light accordingly (these are not at all intersections/directions, because some intersections have a loop in the pavement or the light has a predominate flow in one direction.

Any clues? Post here… Camera’s at intersections around Pima County??? – These are not red light or speeding cameras as far as I know







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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I have no word on what they are for, but they are going up all over the place. I live in Gilbert, and I've seen them in Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix as well

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Those are surrveilance cameras. We had those in my area (WA state) and my teenage cousin was mugged. They used those along with the bus cams to catch the jerk. BUT that doesnt mean I trust the info being logged and privacy concerns are being addressed. 1984 is here we gave up privacy for "security".

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