Electrified.com – incredible search and great prices

Went to make a purchase for a projector light bulb for client this morning. Looked around at a few sites. Ok, prices, poor searches took quite awhile to find the lamp on some sites (and some didn’t even have it, or had 127 pages of results :/ ). Noticed that Electrified.com had a lot of reviews on this page http://www.projectorcentral.com/Sanyo-lamp-suppliers.htm so I clicked on their site and like I’ve been doing with each site, typed in the model number of the projector. Instantly returned the exact bulb, one listing (not dozens of results or no results) and on top of that the price is $150 lower then the nearest competitor that I could find. Seriously I’m stoked! Oh and get this… when the search was complete they had a comment box to rate how well the search was! I’m telling you I’m impressed! If I don’t come back and add to this post consider myself a very happy camper!

I love it when companies got it right! This one appears to have it too! Going to look around to see what else they sell and see if I can’t use them more often as a vendor. Oh, and the order process is quite simple and very efficient especially when I made a mistake and put the wrong zip code to ship to and went back to change it, everything that I had entered in for shipping information was saved!






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