LimeService and LimeSuvey

Setup an account with LimeService (which offers 20 MB of free bandwidth for hosting the LimeSurvey application). Seemed sort of ok. Seems to be still hanging on setting up the account (or so it says on the profile page but I was able to just go to the admin URL and start setting up a survey and lunched it. The killer was by the time I was doing creating my first survey it had already used 10 MB of bandwidth. So I’m not exactly happy about that. :/

LimeSurvey seems to be ok. Could do better on presenting the results (the thing I like least about it so far). Back end generally seems a bit goofy but is workable. As it stands if the survey I’m trying out gives me enough response I’ll probably take the time to install LimeSurvey on my server (so far my host doesn’t have a one click install for it). :/






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  1. Carsten Schmitz Avatar

    Hello Jordan,

    thank you for pointing out your problem with the status display of your account. We just fixed the problem and the account status should be properly fixed now. By the way – at the beginning of the month your account will be back to 10MB if you should have used it all.
    Also when you start working with LimeService the usage is much higher for the first few pages since images etc. are loaded into your browser cache.

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