Microsoft, Adobe and Sony – How they are alienating their customers

I know, I know, this is more of a rant then anything worthwhile reading… but I have to get it off my chest.

I’m really starting to dislike all companies that say they aren’t supporting Vista in their last non-Vista certified version.

Microsoft comes out with Vista. We are a pretty decent fan of Microsoft so we buy it with our new systems (instead of XP). But frankly there isn’t too much at the small business level that they have improved for us. Actually I can’t think of anything (if there is someone tell me)!

So then over the past two weeks as we migrate systems to Vista we slowly start to learn that some of our high dollar software from Adobe and Sony don’t operate fully on Vista. Here is the killer though… on our Vista test systems they worked fine so we purchased new systems with the reasoning that they would work fine there too! Not so! What are we expected to do? Buy XP and continue to use that? We don’t need to upgrade to Vista, Adobe’s CS3 or Sony’s Sound Forge 9. All the previous versions do exactly what we want them to do for us!

I’ve got ideas to fix this… and none of them make any of these companies earn money, more sales or make friendlier customers. I’m really starting to like open source more and more and our companies will really start supporting them in the future. This is just becoming to much nonsense!

There, I feel better… 😉 but that doesn’t mean I still ant’ going to do something about this.






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