Ron Paul for President…

I don’t totally agree with Dr. Ron Paul but I have to say I’m rather impressed at a lot of what he stands for. Almost to a point I may vote for him in the primaries. But we’ll see. We have a ways to go before we get there. What do I not like about him? Well he does say that we were lied to about going to Iraq. I feel that President Bush made the best decision he could with the information he had and that most likely there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or being developed. I never remember President Reagan in office (but if I was around then and paying attention to politics I’m sure I’d support him). The Bush’s I’ve felt I could stand behind near to 100%. I really feel they are a great family and they have done a lot of America and leaders. I can’t say I could stand behind any of the current candidates running for the president’s office right now. The closest I’ve seen though is Dr. Ron Paul. But I still stand behind the decisions President Bush has made and is making (as far as I know up to this point).






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