I want to leave a simple review that a friend of mine did on a software product. I type in the product name on Google and the first page of results lists a couple of sites that you can do it at. Well for one reason or another none of them were user friendly or either working. I’m sure that’s why most review type sites are failing right now. They just don’t have the system simple enough to make it easy to do. You either have to register or if you write one, you better save it because it might get lost.

Anyway, I’ll just post it here.


I’ve tested and found that so far the SmartSync Pro is excellent! It is $35 per license (per user) (so I’ve got it on both my computers for the same cost).

One major caution, READ THE MANUAL & UNDERSTAND it BEFORE you do anything. Get your plan in place. The first pages convinced me to do this when I started to brief over it. I realized I needed to read it & understand the concept & how it works before I started & get a definite plan per sync BEFORE starting to use the program. (You are messing with your actual files & if you hit one particular button, it could easily delete files you don’t want to delete. Concept, just don’t use that particular button. It really is for only making the destination directory EXACTLY like the source directory & NOT for syncing them.)

If you decide to use this & need to ask a question, go ahead. I’ll see if I can answer it, but do read the manual first. Makes it a whole lot easier.

I read the manual to see if would do what I needed. Formed a plan of what needed to be backed up onto what to be able to sync it with the other computer, and so on. Then I installed & used the manual (with all my highlights & marks) and my plan. It worked well. Took some thought, but well worth it. It has done VERY well.

I’ve been able to backup my data onto external hard drives. (One has to work as a secondary drive for my laptop, since my laptop only has 55 GB & my photos I need on it are well over 100 GB, besides the data.)

Another works as the go between the desktop & laptop (since the first one is too small – bought it a while back).

The synchronization has done well. ALL data is transferred. I’ve tested it with sample files to see how they were processed & how to handle the situations. It does very well. I haven’t seen anything to compare.

Thought I’d pass on the info. 🙂






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