The rest of the speakers…

The rest of the speakers for the convention were…

Thursday PM – Brother John McFadden

Friday PM – Brother Brian Freeborn

Saturday PM -Brother Billy Wiggins

Sunday AM – Brother Neil Murray

Then Sunday evening we went to Catalina Bibleway for their service. Brother Billy Wiggins preached there. Monday night at Phoenix Christian Assembly Brother Brian Freeborn preached and Wednesday night Brother Howard Searle preached. Saturday night and Sunday morning in Prescott Brother Searle also preached.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Dear Brother:

    I just heard, brother Neil Murray speak about what he sees coming, along with some very interesting quotes by brother Branham.

    Do you know if he has a website, or email address that I can reach him at…I know a church and its memebers that would be interested in hearing him, or at least communicating with him

    Can you help? Please contact me at


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