Lunch, Chili’s, Joe and Jeremy…

Had lunch today with Joe and Jeremy at Chili’s. Good food, fun and fellowship.

Yup, I’m bored… I’m the last person in the office. One of the avionics guys are still here and a student is waiting for his instructor to come in. Today has been a pretty laid back one. Tomorrow I’ll work with Dad and Austin. Because Austin and I spent the last week traveling we weren’t able to start our big project downtown. I’m hoping we can get on it tomorrow.

Brother and Sister Green are still feeling sick. We played the first portion of a tape last night called “How Can I Overcome?” It was really good! It was themed on the same thing I’ve been thinking about and hearing preached the last two weeks. I was listening to it on the way to work this morning.

68 And there’s always been an ark in God’s economy. There was an ark in the days of Noah, for the saving of His people. There was an ark in the days of the law, ark of testimony. In the days of the law, they followed the ark.
And there is a third dispensation now; like Noah’s time, Lot’s time, and now this time. There is an ark now. And that ark is not a denomination, neither is it a good works that you do. “It’s by one Spirit,” Romans 8:1, “we are all baptized into one Body, in the domain of that Kingdom, one Spiritual baptism.” No matter how good, how bad, whatever, you’re in that Kingdom by–by Holy Ghost baptism. See? That’s the only way you overcome. It’s all that is under the shed Blood is overcomers, ’cause you cannot overcome, yourself. It’s He that overcome for you. You’re resting.
69 “How will I know then, Brother Branham, that I’m in There?” Watch what kind of a life you’re living. Just look around. See if it’s just lived out of you, automatically. Or, you have to strain and pull, see, then you’re doing it. But don’t try to do it. Did you ever try? Yeah. Don’t.
70 Just like putting a little baby’s arm in a sleeve hole, you see. He’s just up, down, over, and everything else. See? He can’t do it. “Put on your coat, honey.” He can’t do it. Little arm is up, down, around. It takes your steady hand.
Oh, how glad I am, I can just yield my hand to Father, say, “Lord Jesus, I can’t get in There. You help me. Put the coat on me.” I quit trying. Just let Him do it. See?
71 If the little baby keeps trying, “Oh, I can do it. I can do it.” And he’s just everywhere. He can’t do it.
Neither can you, neither can I, but if we’ll just hold still and let Him do it. Just yield to Him, “Here, Lord, here I am. Just–just let me be nothing. I–I yield. You put my hand in the right place.” That’s the victory. That’s overcoming.
72 The thing you have to overcome is yourself, your idea, your thing, and surrender yourself to Him. He overcome for you. He knows the way; we don’t.
73 But in Noah’s time there was eight overcomers, and that’s what went in. They were caught inside.
Now look, friends. I believe they’re taping this. And if it’s on television, or not tel-… pardon me, a tape. Whatever you do, who is listening now, or who will listen hereafter, the hour is very late, and you do have good intention, but be caught inside. Now, don’t struggle. “Not him that willeth, or him that runneth, but God.” Just let God. Just yield yourself to Him and walk on, with a perfect, satisfied faith, that, “What God has promised He is able to perform.” Not joining one denomination, another denomination, running this, that, or the other, trying this. Just yield yourself to God, and walk with Him, peaceful, quiet, not interrupted. Just keep on walking with Him. That’s right.
74 That’s what I told our brother that just had the–the breakdown. See? “Just yield to Him. He’s here, He Who knowed what you have done, and what caused your being and doing this way, and all that. He knows all about you, and now He’s just told you back just what to do. Now,” I said, “only thing you have to do is just go do it. That is, forget all about the past, walk, live for the future, in the Glory and Presence of God.
Eight overcomers.






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