God is good all the time!

God is good! And I’m pretty excited now! We are now down to single digit vacancy numbers. 9 to go. I was really surprised that we got this apartment ready so fast. I thought we’d be past Christmas working on it. But we’ll be starting that big project it looks like on Monday. WooHoo! I’m really starting to think optimistically we could have it done in three weeks (rather then the originally anticipated five).

Well my Forex account is now right at 100. I looked back over the past two weeks and the lowest I’ve had it was 82 and the highest was 108. I’m currently trading the New Zealand Dollar to the US Dollar (NZD/USD). I keep trying to stick with one currency pair and then I accidentally click a buy/sell for a whole different pair and so I end up switching right when I’m starting to get a handle on the first pair. I’ve done that at least a half a dozen times. There sure is so much to learn about the Forex market and investing in general. Very interesting.

Enoch (my little brother) is very sick. He woke up a bit ago (at least I think he was awake) and was mumbling about something and then started getting very concerned and then scared and then started crying. I think he was either seeing something or I don’t know what. Austin (my other brother) had something like that happen to him when he was sick one time. I guess he could see shadows moving through the room. When Enoch became conscious he told us he had been locked up in a metal room. It really makes you think about the spirit world and how real it can be and powerful. Nothing to play around with at all!
E-72 Do you believe, in this building, all of you just now? The Lord Jesus Christ is here to make well, make whole, to heal every person in Divine Presence. If you do, I want you to do something for me. I want you to look this a way now, put your hands over on one another just a moment. All the sick and the needy, lay your hands on each other.
I tell you; you might not want to believe me, but there’s dozens of you healed right now. I seen Him. Something happened. You’re anointed with the Holy Spirit now, and the gift of God is in the building.
O God, Thou Who can make evil spirits leave, have mercy upon this audience of people tonight. Send Thy Holy Spirit, rebuke every foul, unbelieving spirit. May the devil leave every one of these sick people. Come out of them, Satan. Make them well, Lord Jesus.
Stand to your feet. Raise up and accept your healing, everywhere over the building. Give God praise, give Him honor and power.







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