Well the last two days at work have been kind of difficult for me to concentrate on the job. I have been daydreaming way too much. Funny as Dad seems to think I’m doing great. :/ I know I could do better though. I mostly think about stupid things anyway. Need to get more into the work. Things are coming along though. We are down to ten vacancies and will probably be to nine by the end of the year. Then we have a big project to finish downtown. Probably will take us a month or more.

Went to the church tonight to work on the sound and video systems. Didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. Or rather or diagnostics on some hum issues didn’t prove successful. We also spent some time with the guitar class trying to set some mics up for them. That definitely wasn’t going anywhere. So many technical issues on micing a group that big and then to set something like that up during a service… it just wasn’t/isn’t going to work. I don’t think we will do it.






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