About time…

Well it’s been awhile since I wrote here. Let’s see I’ve gone down to one day a week at the airport (they really wanted me bad). I think I was mainly burned out.

As soon as we got back from the Wallace’s on Monday night Brother Green called a meeting for possibly a TV studio upstairs in the chapel. So far nothing has come of it much except Brother Mark, Austin and I are now taking some classes at what is called Access Tucson about video. It looks like it will be really interesting. So far we have just taken the Orientation class. On the 17th we’ll take what I think is like a second orientation class and in March we’ll take the 6 night studio class. That will be interesting.

Well a lot of things are planned for the next month or two. We have youth services planned for March. There were some special meetings at Northside last week. Saturday night we went and they played one of Brother Branham‘s sermons called the Trial. Brother Billy Paul was there too and introduced the tape. I wish we had gone Friday night.

Next Friday night Brother Caleb is preaching in Phoenix for Phoenix Tabernacle. I kind of want to go. We’ll see.

Right now we are over at Pantano working on the house. It is starting to look pretty good. Everyone is eating except me and Hadassah (she’s sick). The girls just got back from shopping all day (they haven’t eaten). I’m not hungry because we ate earlier. Enoch and Lilliana are playing around running in the house (and making a lot of noise).

Today I got the idea (again) to vote on a family vacation/trip (I did this last year). So I was working on that in the car on the way here (I got a bit motion sick). I really want to go to Canada this year (especially Cloverdale).

I’ve been doing a lot of editing lately (or I should say a lot to do with the ODP). Probably too much. I’m trying to scale back.

We still have a number of vacancies and Dad is trying to get me more interested in the business. I’m trying to like it but it’s hard to stay focused while working. Also we want to get Pantano fixed up (so that we can sale it).

Javelina hunting is coming up in about 2 weeks. Grandpa and Grandma Phillips are supposed to come out, as well as Uncle Dennis. Also the Wallace’s are coming down. Maybe even the Sanger’s are coming out. So that should be a busy time.

I’ll be turning 22 soon too. Not that it will change much. 😉

Well it’s getting dark and we need to start putting our tools away. We need to fix the trailer lights before we leave.

I’m looking forward to something fun happening at church tomorrow. Always something is going on.
I think Austin and I are running sound in the morning. Usually Austin is on FOH and I will do SongShow and recording. It’s always busy before service. No time hardly to ever just relax. :/ Brother Mark has been a big help and blessing!

Well my plans for the year are to save up some money, buy some rental properties, do some land development and travel. Also I’m planning on getting my Instrument Rating. I really need to start studying more. I haven’t done much. I did go flying with SkyView Monday. That was kind of bad because I accidentally stepped on the cord for the power while Mr. Kath was in the middle of a traffic report. He says he recovered fine but I felt so bad. Rob (the pilot and probably will be my instructor) said that it was the first time he knew of anyone doing that. 😮

We have a new line guy at work. Danny Slachta (Kenny’s brother) is working out there now. He’s doing well so far. I guess you’d say I got him the job or hooked him up with Tim.






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