Little Things Story

Here’s another “little things” story! I love Skittles (the chewy fruit candy)! Every year when us boys and dad would go hunting with grandpa he’d buy us our favorite candy. That was about the only time we’d get candy in a year, so it was a treat. Then one year dad decided that the health implications of candy just wasn’t worth it and didn’t want us to get any. So we headed up to our camping area about an hour from the nearest town for a few days. I can’t say I gave it much thought about not getting the candy but I did enjoy it! One day dad and grandpa went down to a campsite about a mile below ours to see if some hunters were still there. When they got there they walked over to look at the campsite and on the picnic table was not one, but two bags of unopened Skittles! God is so mindful of even are smallest desires!

God bless you!
Your brother in Christ.






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