Toshiba Laptop problems

20080706 – AVG picked up virus from site mom was visiting to get song lryics
20080708 – Microsoft sent an update that conflicted with Zone Alarm (didn’t update Zone Alarm with the fix until 20080710 or 11 (I think it was Thursday evening though). Maybe even Saturday.
20080712 – Installed TrueCrypt
20080712 or 13 – Chloe reported having problems getting into Gmail using both IE and FF. Confirmed both problems. Disabling all addons didn’t seem to help.
20080713 and 14 – Many error messages (low memory, Runtime Errors, etc.)
20080715 – Ran full AVG virus scan, nothing found
20080715 – Ran a couple other scans (Ezula and another adaware program was found, havne’t removed.
20080715 – Internet stopped working again for mom. Reboot apparently fixed it.
20080716 – No errors really so far this morning after a fresh restart. Things seem to be operating normal. Memory usage seems a bit high in the overall performance meter (but the math doesn’t appear to add up in the Processes running column). 20080716 – Virtual Memory wasn’t turned on. So turned on following these directions.,2817,2089076,00.asp
20080716 – Firefox issuing an important update. Updating.

Somethings up






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