Des Moines Register Debate Part 1

Here are some reactions and thoughts I have to the debate yesterday (watching it online).

On the first round of questions (30 seconds) Ron Paul was the first one to stay with in that limit. Maybe others did after him but I wasn’t keeping track real well.

Someone that can’t answer a question within the amount of time that the moderators ask isn’t super great. But I understand or at least try to understand the pressure they are under. It would be very difficult for anyone to have it all together. That’s why they better have it together.

I’m clueless on what that “Voters Voice” box is? What is the point it’s trying to make and how do I even read it? Completely confusing and distracting.

I wish another thing they would do is show total time of all candidates that have spoken and the timer for the current question and how much time they have to go. I want to see all candidates have equal time. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Allen Keyes (even though most would consider he isn’t a contender). He was a ambassador so it’s not like he’s a no name joke.

I liked what Giuliani said about health care early on. But his stance on abortion and marriage would make me never vote for him in the primaries.

I like the 30 second free time they they are giving everyone.

Ok, enough watched for now… might come back to watch the rest. I’ve got to get a computer ordered and make a phone call.






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