Caught some graffiters

Earlier this afternoon Austin and I were out in front of my dad’s shop and we saw a couple of guys walk by and graffiti a sign. So Austin called the police and I started following them on foot. After a bit they got rather far down the road so I called the police. At that point down a street I lost them. So I went down a parallel street to see if I could see them without being seeing. At that point Austin drove by in his truck and saw them in a yard. So after a bit they came back out and I was just getting ready to meet the road back where they were coming down and my plan was to intercept them and do a citizens’ arrest. But as I rounded the corner the police car was setting there and the officer had the two of them on the ground. I’m not sure what happened to them but they did haul them off in handcuffs in another police car eventually. Poor guys… people need the Lord… I need the Lord… we all do…






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