Month: October 2007

  • Unions are illigal in UAE

    So I have to say I like that the UAE doesn’t like the unions (or strikes either). I just don’t like the idea that people don’t have the get up and go to figure out their work situations themselves rather then protest ‘en mass! Seems like a lazy way to do things.

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

    I envision a website/portal where people that have access to the internet can interact to solve problems. This idea is similar to what InnoCentive is doing but maybe not for the most elite of minds. Wikipedia was built with a lot less but with the masses. I need ideas to proceed with this concept. I…

  • Time savings when reading the news from the publishers themselves!

    So the Wall Street Journal and others think they are smart in making you subscribe to the website by only letting you read the first couple paragraphs of an article. Well I love that feature because I don’t want to spend lots of time reading an article so when I get to that I click…