Bringing the internet back to the dial-up and small device world

I say dial-up not because I think we should still push dial-up use, but I use the term to describe people on internet connections at this speed. Currently I’m surfing at about 100 kbs down and 40 up and it’s very slow. I’ve been spoiled with broadband for so long. Of course here I’m in a place where the only other thing that would be available would be dial-up and this is wireless mobile that I don’t have to connect to and I can just show up and start using it (Yay for Sprint Broadband). So I’m still winning over dial-up. But the fact of surfing at these speeds has brought back the reality that the net needs to still be considered for small form devices such as UMPC’s, PDA’s, phones, etc. We aren’t out of the age of super processing power. Everyone is starting to head into super mobile market. I’ve got a UMPC that is just loaded to the brim with software and the manufactures just didn’t think about speed on this thing. It would work if it didn’t come with so much preloaded software.






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