Time goes on…

Well a lot has been happening. Austin and I spent all of last week with Brother Howard Searle, Brother Brian Freeborn and the rest of the folks from New Zealand. We drove the van for them and visited the Grand Canyon, Sedona and attended 4 services. We had a blast. I had really wanted to go to WYR this year but it ended up not working out. I’m actually glad it didn’t because I think I had a better time last week here then I would have at WYR… don’t get me wrong… I sure would have loved to go.

I’m at the flight school (fixing computer problems at usual) and looking at those pictures that I posted of the other night… uggg… ok. So I need to redo those…

So I’m currently trying to get a testing center computer back up and running (well actually it’s a new old one that I’m installing, hard drive went out on the last one).

And time goes on…






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