Good Times!

Wow! Time sure flies. Seems like two days ago that I did the last entry here (not four). Saturday Austin and I spent most of our day at the church getting ready for the convention.

Tonight will be the fourth service. Every service has been tremendous. I’d tell you all who preached but I’d probably get the names all messed up.

Last night the guitar class played Amazing Grace and Hallelujah. It actually went very well all things considered. And the whole group played at the same time. It was kind of strange; right before the service started I was pretty nervous. I’m usually not that nervous before a service with something special going on. I felt bad because I mentioned it to some of the ones playing before they went out on the platform and they were ever more nervous when they realized I was. 🙂 Anyway it all went well!

After service several of us boys moved the backend of three cars in the parking lot (Sarah’s, Rebecca’s. and Sammy’s). We’d spin them around next to the curb or something goofy (in a way no one would park like that). As Danny says “Good times!” 🙂

Just ate dinner and was it good! It was like Thanksgiving all over. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, sweet potatoes, green beans, beets… wow!

And if you haven’t seen the Coffey Boys’ DVD, you’ve got to see it! It comes with 18 movie clips that they have done. Some really funny ones!!! If you visit their site you’ve probably seen most of these.

More to come…






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