At 14 years old, the idea of the "event" - where energy, lights, camera, action and excitement come together to create a powerful experience - got my attention. Embarking first in the house of worship environment initially as a volunteer in the AV Department and later as Director of Technology and then on to project management for audio, visual and control system installation and service, my interest in live events and audio visual systems has repeatedly been there. In life eternity is what is most important! And I believe having a zeal to win over others to this way of thinking is the most rewarding! I want to help you help others deliver that Message!

Team Building


In order to help you grow your team and their skills, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:

Audio Video
Don’t know if your gear is setup and adjusted correctly? We help you figure that out! And the best part is many times churches already have most of what they need. Usually it just requires proper setup and calibration to get it sounding and looking amazing!
You want your team to understand how to use and troubleshoot when something goes wrong. We help with that, by offering hands on training with your gear at your location! We’ll even bring yummy snacks and food so that you can learn better!
Is your system ready for an overhaul but you don’t know where to start? We help cut down all the clutter and give you 3 simple options, Budget, Value or Quality. And we’ll tell you where to buy direct for the best savings as well.

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Camera’s at intersections around Pima County???

So I’m wondering what these are? They started appearing around the northwest side of town in Pima County about a year ago. There is only one at each intersection. I’m assuming they are cameras… but what for? This is at Romero and Wetmore. This is at Romero and Ruthrauff. This is at Wetmore and Flowing […]

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Recoverying a TrueCrypt file inside a Vista EFS

Today I’ve been working on trying to recover a TrueCrypt file that was placed inside a Vista EFS folder (the Vista machine isn’t accessible but all the data still is). So I’m now reading through http://www.beginningtoseethelight.org/efsrecovery/ to see if I can get the EFS working on a new system then I can open the TrueCrypt […]

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Runtime Software’s GetDataBack and RAID Reconstructor review

Last week I had a laptop failure. I’m not sure yet if it was software or hardware based but basically I couldn’t get anywhere past the BIOS booting up. This laptop has a RAID 0 configuration. Hard drives didn’t appear to be going out so my guess is the RAID controller failed (as I could […]

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Meet the people that are going to take your team to the next level.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson

Audio Engineer

Fun, detail-oriented, always focused.

    Reuben Tamblingson

    Reuben Tamblingson

    Video Engineer

    Loves video, all things Chick-fla-a, graphic design and family!

      Martha Peterson

      Martha Peterson

      Executive Chef

      Marketer, wardrobe consultant, fun, ideas!

        Austin Peterson

        Austin Peterson

        AutoCAD Designer

        Hands on, technical engineer, world class, easy going, funny!

          Lydia Peterson

          Lydia Peterson

          Chief Play Officer

          Actor, bookworm, games, exercise and cooking!

            Zachary Wallace

            Zachary Wallace

            Video Producer

            Excited, world traveler, keynote speaker, master videographer, home builder!

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